Ten Years Expired Syrup are Still Available in an Auckland’s Supermarket

I guess, I live in a country that is very strict with the rule and regulation, spesifically when it comes to food and beverage. New Zealand government, as many other government in developed countries, have the obligation to protect their population’s public health. In that sense, I am sure I will not see any expired food and beverage are sold freely on the supermarket’s shelves. But I was totally wrong.

Sarang Sari Compiled

Look at above picture. I took it in an asian supermarket near Karangahape Road, downtown Auckland. At first, I should be very proud to find a classical Indonesian beverage, a Sarang Sari Syrup. This is weird, because the syrup is very rare in Indonesia and we couldn’t find it in big supermarkets nowadays. But, hulaa, I found this old-times Dutch East Indies brand in a shelve as far as 7.600 kilometer away from its factory in Bogor, Indonesia. But wait, my pride was soon washed away as I aware that this product has been expired since 2003. That means the supermaret sell ten years old expired syrups. Gosh….


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