Little Horse Jockey from Bima

Horse race is part of culture for people in Bima, Sumbawa Island.  I heard they use little boy as a jockey but had never actually seen it. Until I got the chance to visit Bima in January 2012 and really shocked to see the truth. Little boys, just as little as 6 years old, were hired as the jockey for a horse race. An official horse race that sponsored by the local government once or twice a year.

Those boys were all unprepared! No horse saddle, no safety equipment, no helmet. I did not see even  any paramedic or ambulance at the race field.  No one seem to care about the safety of those child. “Though… They are happy to compete and ‘well paid’ as a jockey,” Hamdan (not a real name), told me with proud. Hamdan is one of crew of “madju jaya” horse race team. They brought about 15 horse to compete at the tournament. “Sometimes, they felt down, injured but in general, they are always happy to do the job and we have never forced them,” Hamdan added. So.. what’s wrong with the little jockey.

Well paid?? Not really sure about it. But, what I am so sure is that the little jockey should be banned from the horse race.

Run baby run…

Joki Cilik 01b

A horse called.. Manohara..

Joki Cilik 03

The crew…”bintang fellem”

Joki Cilik 05

Yes.. he is just a 7 years old boy

Joki Cilik 04

The crowd.. with gamblers among them

Joki Cilik 06

We are rival and friend at the same time….

Joki Cilik 07



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