The book that touch the spirit of universe

The Alchemist

It is intriguing, yet fabulous. It raises your spiritual quest for the sacred one, floating to an imagination sanctum with abundant of exotic medieval age fable.
The Alchemist is a modern tale of an ordinary shepherd boy who challenged to start a journey pursuing his personal legend.  “I would rather to become shepherd than a priest,” the boy said to his father, and then the journey was started. It was only three ancient Spanish gold coins from his father when he began shepherding his folk across of Andalusian field.  The first magical moment happened when he “accidentally” met to an old man with strange cloth in the middle of plaza of Tarifa, who claimed as Melchizedek, the King of Salem. “To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation. And, when you want something, the entire universe conspire in helping you to achieve it,” Said the old man. Thus, the boy’s adventure in search of the treasure in pyramid of Egypt was begun.
Santiago, the name of this shepherd boy, believes in omen which brought him travels through a strange land of Maghreb away from his homeland in a city near ancient castle of Andalusia. He voyaged across a strait to the land of Moors, stranded at Tangier – an old abandon seaport city – and lost his money in the very first day of his quest. His fortune was quickly changed as he worked for crystal merchant and raised money in a year to continue his mission. As he carried on the journey with camel caravan passing the dessert for North Africa, he met an Englishman that told him about the famous Arabian alchemist, one – according to fable – who knows the universal language; the infinite wisdom. The boy has never meant to meet the alchemist. But his passion of quest for treasure was given him an opportunity to get closer to the alchemist, who believed to live in an oasis named, Al Fayoum.
The Alchemist was written by Paulo Coelho, a Catholic Brazilian scholar, who explored the essence of spiritualism which exotically blended in a journey of young adventurer in a land of Maghreb. Santiago has met lot of unique individuals, a greedy gypsy woman, an old man who claimed as King of Salem, a crystal merchant who wants to go to Mecca, The curious Englishman, a dessert woman with beautiful dark eye, and finally, the 200 years old alchemist. All of those characters are the evidence of what Coelho believes, “everything is one thing only.” Yes, the universe will conspire to help us in getting what we want to achieve. This is exactly the spiritual meaning of the book.