How are Aucklanders Plan Their Transportation System

Just a snapshot on how Auckland Council asks the Aucklanders to voice their thought about new transportation system. The Council puts a sign board in every bus stop around Auckland. Have you ever seen such things in Indonesia. Never! None of our cities or districts government have ever done this community engagement process. Even if they have conducted a consultation, I am sure it just another form of formality.

The Aucklanders have three options if they want to say something about the the council’s plan on transportation. First they can submit their thought by online. Easy, effective and efficient. Secondly, they can come to an open day, when council hold a public meeting to gather information and feedback from citizen. Lastly, Aucklanders can fill and submit a consultation brochure form. The brochure is available at the most public space, such as library, service center and local board offices.

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Theoritically, this is not the best way in gathering community participation. But at least, the council has shown their acccountability and eagerness to hear what does the public say about the new transportation system before the desicion is made. I really hope that one day we can see such thing in Indonesia.

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