Having Our Self Engineered through NLP


Do you believe that human being can be engineered, modeled, programmed and modified through a unique method known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming or shortened to NLP. The NLP practitioners (sometimes also called programmer) claim that human can be assumed as a computer which could be modified by simply copy, paste, install or even deleting a behavior/program. Just to keep it easy to explain, let's take an example of someone who longing to stop smoking! By observing his/her Meta program pattern continued with some minutes of “installing” new program using one or two of many NLP tools, we can find an amazing result that this person, who hardly tries for years to stop smoking, is really quitting to smoke in a second. Can you believe it? 

Who ever you are, and what ever behavior that you want to change or achieve, such an example of a person who longing to stop smoking 10 cigarettes a day, or someone who willing not to addicted to alcohol anymore, even a temper person who want to be more patient, and many more. They behavior problem can be solved through modification in neurological level which transmitted in a series of linguistic code.  Wait! That is not the only things that NLP can be used. NLP also dealing with higher level issues of neurological level involving capability, beliefs, identity and spirituality. This has made NLP known widely not only as a set of tools of behavior changes but moreover and foremost for the “technology” that bring human being to take control of their own destiny. Not an odd if NLP could also be called as “A control panel of mind and body.”

NLP was developed in early 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, a unique collaboration of a young university student of computer science and an associate professor of linguistic who have vast common interest in a particular subject of psychology, modeling human excellent. A simple question was asked by those two geeks, “How someone could get a great achievement in a particular discipline while else can only reach a standard attainment or even failed to accomplish it?” In a straight way, what is wrong with our body and mind? If someone can do something means others could do the same thing as well. Unfortunately, Bandler and Grinder failed to work together developing NLP in the following years. Moreover, most of their students began to develop their own version of NLP and establish many faction of NLP. In the years of 1980s to 1990s, many people has learnt NLP and then modified it into various versions. There is an NLP university that directed by Robert Dilts, A famous NAC (Neuro Association Conditioning) introduced by Anthony Robbins and many more.

Nowadays, NLP information and training could be found easily by surfing the net. A short but comprehensive explanation about NLP can be read on www.wikipedia.org. Just type “Neuro linguistic programming” on the search box, and you will get the information. An Indonesian language version of NLP history could be found at www.ronnyfr.com, one of my favorite site, since Ronny has provided so many easy to read and applicative articles. While you can find lot of information about NLP in the net, do not worry if you sink to total confusion by the unfamiliar words such as, anchor, pacing, mirroring, submodalities, meta program, and more to be mentioned.

I really suggest you to learn NLP and engineered your self, if you feel that you are: a monster (so called by your family/friends), lack of confident, need to boost up your fortune, want to achieve more than you can get now, having difficult in relationship, and so on. I have been trying to programming my self with NLP for couple of months and feel more comfortable as the result come up. It might be a small result now, but will get more in the future. As I believe that I could direct my own destiny in a more manageable way.