“Sabang” the edge of Indonesia

Dear readers,

Ibo Sunrise

You should come and see Sabang (Weh island) sometimes. It so beautiful. I can not imagine what a great scenery that have been created by the Almighty. Weh Island of course can not be compared to Bali which already well developed in term of touristic destination. But, I am pretty sure you could have the same opinion with me if you have already visited this little amazing island.

When I came for the first time to the island, it was not a good experience. With my friends, we took a morning speedboat and only spent 4 to 5 hours at Ibo beach before went back to Banda Aceh on the afternoon. Indeed, I even did not have any chance to swim at Ibo. It was not because I did not want to, but I forgot to bring my short pants (masak sih berenang cuma pake celana dalem, yang bener aje). Despite of a rush visit to Ibo and missed my first-time snorkel experience ever, I finally found another excitement by taking a boat trip around the small island (forgot the name) that covering Ibo beach from the ocean. That was unforgettable moment, since the young fisherman who guided us, drove his boat very fast. Everybody was screaming… Not me of course, hehehehehe.

Then, I had a second chance to visit the island and it was very nice. At this second visit, we were staying 2 night at Weh. One night in small cottage at Ibo and one night at capital of Weh Island, the famous Kota Sabang, a small, clean, and wonderful town.

Definitely I did my first snorkeling this time and it was very amazing to watch nemo and friends swimming around me at the shallow beach of Ibo. I did not know exactly, whether those fish are the same kind of nemo, but at least they almost have the same color and pattern. I wondered, how would it be if I dive deeper in one of the most famous diving site in the world. But I chose not to dive, first because it is too expensive for me, secondly, local people said, “Hati-hati ada Hiu!”